Can Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

Let's get to know doTERRA a little better.  

Dr. David Hill is doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer.  In a recent blog post, he said,

"Although topical and aromatic applications have been most widely studied, emerging research has now begun to validate the efficacy and safety of internal use. From improving emotional status to protecting vital organs, internal use of essential oils is an exciting field that is developing at an accelerating rate. The further we delve into the science of essential oils, the more we understand their physiologic relevance. While there is much yet to understand and a great need for continued research, we should embrace the power and safety of internal use that has been clinically and anecdotally substantiated."

The entire post can be read here

Personally, I have experienced great results taking certain doTerra essential oils internally.  But it is important to know which ones should NOT be ingested.  For example, here is a chart for the single oils.  Note the green dots with I for "Internal".  (Notice White Fur does NOT have a green dot with an I, which is probably why I was burping a Christmas tree after putting it in a capsule for my joint pain.  FAIL.  I survived)

It's also important to know the QUALITY of what your putting on and in your body.  This is an excellent post about the quality of doTerra essential oils.

I hope this answers any questions you may have about the purity of doTERRA.  As I stated earlier, I've personally had great results.  What about you?  Are you putting lemon in your water in the mornings?


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