What is DoTERRA's June Sunsational Flavors Kit?

I'm always anticipating the first of day of every month, because I can't wait to see what DoTerra's specials are!  Confession:  I once stayed up until midnight just to see, then realized at 12:01am that I was on Eastern and DoTERRA is on Mountain time.  Fail.

This morning, I was honestly perplexed about the Sunsational Flavors promotion.  

Sunsational Flavors Kit.jpg

It looks super cool, but I had no clue about the benefits of Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine or Dill, and since none of these essential oils are in the product guide, I was stumped.  Well, I was stumped for about five minutes, because I quickly started researching and I thought I would share my results.  Although I also discovered a few cooking recipes using these oils, I'll save that post for another day :)

I found extremely in depth information about the benefits of each oil at www.organicfacts.net where I just search the name of the oil and viola!  All the ads on their site are a bit distracting, so I lifted their info graphics to post for you here.

Now that I know more about these little treasures, I'm looking forward to trying them!