Add doTERRA Lemongrass to your essential oil collection and you will experience healthy digestion, feelings of peace and awareness, and a soothing sensation when used on muscles and joints. Use Lemongrass in your food or beverages to add flavor and provide additional dietary support. Diffuse Lemongrass when feeling nervous or to assist with fatigue. This unique essential oil is known to promote a positive outlook .

Learn about the many uses of doTERRA Lemongrass by checking out the product spotlight here: 


Need More Energy?

This is just too good not to share!  I can't say enough about #1.  My husband, Scott, and I have been taking the Life Long Vitality Supplements for eight months now and we have both experienced tremendous benefits.  Thank you doTERRA for these great tips! 

"As the days get shorter and colder, even the best of us can feel like we’re losing that pep in our step. Keep reading to find out some simple ways to beat that middle-of-the-day fog and regain lost energy.

1. Take Quality Supplements

Because the average diet is lacking in nutrients, it is important to take a daily supplement such as the dōTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack™ or Mito2Max®.

2. Workout Midday

Most people are aware that working out helps you alleviate stress and anxiety. However, instead of working out earlier or later in the day, try working out mid-afternoon. Studies suggest that working out at this time can increase your productivity—making the time away from the o„ffice worth it.

3. Go Outside

Simply breathing in fresh air for 20 minutes can change both your energy levels and mood for the better. It also means you get that crucial amount of sun exposure to keep your vitamin D levels up.

4. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to keep water in your system, even when the weather is cooling down and you feel like you don’t need as much. Stay away from sugary drinks that can actually dehydrate you more.

5. Get A Goods Night’s Sleep

Your body does a lot during sleep, including healing and rejuvenating. Be sure to get plenty of rest—for adults seven to nine hours is the recommended amount.

6. Stretch and Breathe

Deep breathing from the diaphragm can help get your blood flowing and stretching helps re-energize your muscles and your mind to fight o‹ any anxiety that may be creeping in.

7. Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Food is most importantly our body’s fuel, and when you start to get hungry your mood and level of activity can quickly decline. To keep off‹ hunger pains, eat healthier, smaller meals more often.

8. Invigorate with Essential Oils

Di‹fusing any citrus essential oil is shown to help uplift and improve your mood, while Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are beneficial in invigorating the senses.


The invigorating eff‹ects of the AromaTouch Technique essential oil application can help you re-center and reduce stress. Make sure to stay hydrated before and after.

10.Take a Power Nap

Taking a long nap might seem like the answer, but it really can set you back for the rest of the day and keep you from sleeping during the night. Instead, take a quick midday power nap of around 10–20 minutes.

Essential Oils for Energy

Peppermint, Wild Orange, Rosemary, InTune®, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Citrus Bliss®,  Elevation

- See more at: http://doterrablog.com/10-tips-for-boosting-your-energy/#sthash.Z906CKgT.dpuf "

Can Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

Let's get to know doTERRA a little better.  

Dr. David Hill is doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer.  In a recent blog post, he said,

"Although topical and aromatic applications have been most widely studied, emerging research has now begun to validate the efficacy and safety of internal use. From improving emotional status to protecting vital organs, internal use of essential oils is an exciting field that is developing at an accelerating rate. The further we delve into the science of essential oils, the more we understand their physiologic relevance. While there is much yet to understand and a great need for continued research, we should embrace the power and safety of internal use that has been clinically and anecdotally substantiated."

The entire post can be read here


Personally, I have experienced great results taking certain doTerra essential oils internally.  But it is important to know which ones should NOT be ingested.  For example, here is a chart for the single oils.  Note the green dots with I for "Internal".  (Notice White Fur does NOT have a green dot with an I, which is probably why I was burping a Christmas tree after putting it in a capsule for my joint pain.  FAIL.  I survived)

It's also important to know the QUALITY of what your putting on and in your body.  This is an excellent post about the quality of doTerra essential oils. 


I hope this answers any questions you may have about the purity of doTERRA.  As I stated earlier, I've personally had great results.  What about you?  Are you putting lemon in your water in the mornings?


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Price Per Drop

Do you ever wonder how much your doTerra essential oils cost per drop?  Or, are you curious just how many drops are in a 5ml bottle vs a 15 ml bottle?  Although there can be a little variation due to temperature and viscosity, here is an extremely helpful chart to answer your questions.

What is DoTERRA's June Sunsational Flavors Kit?

I'm always anticipating the first of day of every month, because I can't wait to see what DoTerra's specials are!  Confession:  I once stayed up until midnight just to see, then realized at 12:01am that I was on Eastern and DoTERRA is on Mountain time.  Fail.

This morning, I was honestly perplexed about the Sunsational Flavors promotion.  

Sunsational Flavors Kit.jpg

It looks super cool, but I had no clue about the benefits of Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine or Dill, and since none of these essential oils are in the product guide, I was stumped.  Well, I was stumped for about five minutes, because I quickly started researching and I thought I would share my results.  Although I also discovered a few cooking recipes using these oils, I'll save that post for another day :)

I found extremely in depth information about the benefits of each oil at www.organicfacts.net where I just search the name of the oil and viola!  All the ads on their site are a bit distracting, so I lifted their info graphics to post for you here.

Now that I know more about these little treasures, I'm looking forward to trying them!

The Power of Aroma and Diffuser Recipes

This week I want us to learn about the power of aroma, and the incredible way God crafted us, able to benefit from the fragrances of His creation.  It's just so cool!  Here is an informative post I hope you enjoy.  


Here is a link with a few great diffuser recipes:


From the above link, you'll find a great summer blend to help clear breathing and immune response.  It is 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Lemon and 2 drops Peppermint.  Everyone should have these three oils!

Looking at the recipes, and knowing what I use all the time, there are a few oils I would recommend adding to your "treasure box".  If you don't have Wild Orange, please consider ordering it.  It is a great oil to lift your spirits and smells great in the diffuser.  Down the road, consider ordering Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime and Ylang Ylang.  My all time favorite diffuser blend is 2 drops Lemon, 1 drop Grapefruit, 1 drop Bergamot and 1 drop Ylang Ylang.  Love, love, love!  It took me a few months to acquire those oils, so pace yourself as you learn and don't feel you need to get everything at once.  Enjoy the journey!

I hope you are encouraged.  I enjoy sharing :)